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Cool pets

Care for your pet animal

Many young children wish to have cool pets as their friends. They love spending time with their pet animals and playing with them. Any considerate parent would fulfill their child’s wish to have a harmless pet. Water Turtles are a great choice for parents as well as kids who want calm and friendly pets that are not dangerous in any way.

Owning a pet involves a lot of responsibility from the part of the child as well as the parent. Exotic and cool pets like tortoises and water turtles require special care and attention. Let us discuss some methods to care for your pet turtle.

The habitat

Make the living space of your pet turtle resemble its natural habitat. Keep your turtle in a big tank with enough space for him to swim around, dive and get some rest at the bottom. Keep the water level approximately six times higher than the shell length of the turtle. Keep it low enough to prevent the turtle from climbing off the tank.

The accessories

Rocks and other flat objects such as a plank of wood can be used as a basking area or a hiding raft for the turtle. Artificial green plants fixed at the bottom of the tank can add to its beauty and provide the turtle a space to climb in and out. Putting gravel or sand at the bottom of the tank would be a bad idea since this makes cleaning a difficult task.

The maintenance

The amount of excretion from an animal as small as a turtle can be surprising! Take adequate measures to keep the tank clean at all times. You can use submersible carbon filters for regular cleaning. The water in the tank should ideally be replaced once every week. The turtles should be taken out of the tank every once in a while and the tank and its accessories should be cleaned well.

The appetite

Pet animals

Keep your pet cool and comfortable

Water turtles are famous for their big appetite. Make sure to feed them properly and keep them on a healthy diet at all times. Baby turtles should be secluded from the elder ones and fed at least twice a day. Floating turtle food pellets, earthworms, raw fish, beef heart etc are good nutritious food for baby turtles.

In spite of the difficulties in caring for them, water turtles make great pets.  Make your child happy by getting him one or more of those cute little turtles!

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