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Pets are liked by all. You can keep various animals as your pets based on your taste. If you like to adopt exotic pets then you can choose one of the following cool pets.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragon lizards, commonly found in Australia are one of the famous exotic pets. They have a flat body with a wide triangular head and carry a friendly approach. They are quiet animals as well. In addition, you can find out their special mark, a spiky beard when they mate or when you threaten them. These lizards have good climbing skills and they get attached to you very easily. Even though they belong to the omnivore group, they will not consume some insects as well as some vegetables. These reptiles are well adaptable with any atmosphere that they feel comfortable. Their lifespan is 4 to 10 years.


Although they are dangerous animals, few people consider Alligators as their favorite exotic pet animals. They wish to live in a lonely environment and are not friendly. They may react violently when they are touched and can put your life in danger. The main benefit of adopting this strong ancient animal is that you can understand and familiarize its characteristics. Most of the states do not allow keeping it as a pet animal. However, some permit and if you belong to any of these states, you need to consult a specialist prior to your purchase.


Few Sloths carry a lifespan of more than thirty-five years and it is uncommon to care for a pet for such a long time. Ensure that you have sufficient time to adopt them before going for a purchase, as they require longer time to breed. On the other hand, if you do not have the required time due to your work schedule, then it is always better to adopt a pet that requires less attention.

Burmese Python

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These reptiles are also famous for their exotic nature. However, it is a costly and unsafe affair to keep them as pets because of their enormous size. They are 20 feet long and weigh over 200 pounds. You require an extra person to feed and handle them due to their large size and violent feeding characteristics. Even though they are non-poisonous, they should be handled with extra care as they can strangle you to death. You should have the sufficient precautions when you opt to adopt these vibrant reptiles.

If you are a fan of exotic animals, then you can adopt these cool pets. It is always advised to understand the risks involved before adopting these animals.

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